Our Vision

Our vision is to become the leading token issuance and governance platform powered by innovative blockchain technologies. Our platform will enable investors and businesses to enter the new world of digital finance.

TokenFunder aligns the latest blockchain technologies and capital markets best practices with the changing regulatory environment to build trust in the new world of digital finance:

  • Businesses can access global capital via cryptocurrencies
  • Investors are provided direct investment channels and their rights are protected
  • Legal framework is supported by smart contracts
  • Financial controls ensure proper fiscal management
  • Disclosure and transparency comply with regulatory requirements

Technology Platform

TokenFunder’s Smart Token Asset Management Platform (STAMP) will be a Software-as-a-Service platform using leading edge web and blockchain technology to keep fundraising costs low, while increasing tracking, trust and transparency for the project funders and users of the platform.

Why a Regulated Token Offering is Better

A regulated token offering resembles what is known as a "security". When regulated, a token offering must provide investors with disclosures based on best practices from healthy capital markets. Businesses that conduct KYC reviews for their token offerings can offer a greater level of investor protection than anonymous contribution offerings.

The benefits you receive from a regulated offering:

  • Cost savings
  • Time savings
  • Investor protection
  • Speed to market
  • Same innovative technology

Regulated token offerings are a better way to invest in the companies of tomorrow.

TokenFunder Services

Professional services are integral to the success of an Initial Token Offering (ITO). TokenFunder supports businesses every step of the way from feasibility through to achieving fund raising targets.

TokenFunder creates a unique program for each company's specific needs. Services include:

  • Feasibility study
  • Business case development
  • Token economics and business valuation
  • Regulatory implications
  • Token launch strategy and implementation plan
  • Marketing support and communication
  • Post ITO Token holder communication
  • IT services and Project Management

Our unique focus on governance means that your business can give investors the comfort of knowing that your business strives for long term success.

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